Clients’ Comments

 Clients’ Comments


Our clients’ comments motivate us and help us improve our services solutions and ways of performing.

Here are some testimonials that assert the efficiency of our services solutions.



4 November 2013, My husband and I undertook a full home renovation of our 1950’s bungalow this past year; from kitchen to bathrooms and bedrooms to flooring throughout. Arta Construction executed all of the work themselves. They took the utmost care of our home, furnishings and living space, as we stayed in the house throughout the few month reno. They threw a ball for my dog, and rolled a ball to my toddler much to everyone’s delight. Christian is engineer and has extensive experience in a multitude of trades. Because of that, the team was able to quickly assess and make sound recommendations as things came up. Their work shows pride and expertise, and they were supportive and flexible with my design decisions. I have lived through reno-nightmares in the past. I will never renovate with anyone but Arta Construction again.

Trisha R. ~ Beaconsfield, QC

4 November 2013, We hired Arta Construction to renovate our kitchen. Christian and his team were extremely hardworking, efficient and trustworthy. They pay great attention to detail and worked to schedule. The results speak for themselves. We were so satisfied that we had them return to do our bathroom and will not hesitate to hire them for future projects.

Smith D. NDG